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Flitlits Junior/ Guide For Educators

  Providers of Education may wish to consult this guide to examine means by which the FLITLITS JUNIOR concept may be adapted to the specific context of their programmes. Individual course instructors in and out of the classroom environment are invited to identify sections of this guide that relate most closely to the courses that they […]

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Scuba Salt

Scuba Salt   The Flitlits met up one fine day to take a trip to Hot Plot Bay. Scuba Salt sat on Shock Rocks and felt them rumble, shake and knock.   Scuba’s home is at Hot Plot close to dinghies, boats and yachts. His folk, like all Salt folk before, have always felt drawn […]

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Boo Kazoo

 Boo Kazoo   Rumpus ruled at Potty Palace. Where was Royal parrot Horace? Queeny Squash caused so much clatter. Kingy Bling asked, “What’s the matter?” When he learned that Horace had flow, Kingy uttered, “Oh, oh, oh! Check the meadows. Check the streets. Until we find him, no one sleeps! … … “Find him. Mind […]

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Otto Zoom

 Otto Zoom   Otto Zoom prepared to enter Fussbut’s Pull-In Dental Centre. A pull-in place of any sort agrees with Otto. His home port is Fussbut, Seldom See’s Pull Plot. it is a long, magnetic spot.   Otto’s relatives are supple. They stretch and pull in without trouble. All their clothes are made to order. […]

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Cookie Bang-Boom

Cookie Bang-Boom   Cookie Bang-Boom is zippy and bright but can be wrong when she should be right. Imagine a bit between her teeth. A bit much like gold would be bold underneath.   In other words, she’s kind and caring but is also brave and daring. She is witty, loud and likes to sing, […]

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Madam Conk

Madam Conk   Beyond the distant Seesaw Sea, time was new at Seldom See. A girl at Seldom See’s Gale Vale gathered leaves from hills and dale.   Her friends were creatures, plants and trees. She chatted with great big-mouth bees. Four stars that always lit the trees were Sol-Fa, Shift, Aglow and Glee.   […]

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Jester Bit

Jester Bit   Jester Bit can not stop plotting. He looks for clues while he is thinking. He wears a pest vest and a hat. His scruffy boots look just like rats. The think-tank sitting under Jester’s hat wonders this and ponders that. When his brainwaves start to flow, he wonders where all lost things […]

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Posy Pomp

Posy Pomp   There are shadows, dark as pitch, looming over Fussbut Ditch. This is where the Fussbut frogs try to brighten up their bog.   This houses frogs of many types – large and small, and some with stripes. And so, a special Hop-In Day was dreamed up by ‘The Queen of May’.   […]

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