Story Starter/ Boo Kazoo


Rumpus ruled at Potty Palace.
Where was Royal parrot Horace?
Queeny Squash caused so much clatter.
Kingy Bling asked, "What's the matter?"
Doors and windows all were shut.
 Panic spread around Fussbut.
 The Flitlits gathered at Share Square
 with no time at all to spare.
Every Flitlit had a mission
 to check an accurate position.
 Jester Bit chose not to pick
 any of his stored-up tricks.
He had not managed that before.
 He would learn to be a bore!
 All the Flitlits love the parrot
 with his ring of ninety carats.
Boo Kazoo wore her new glasses
 that help her make out shapes and flashes.
 She lives at Fussbut's woody slot
 that the Flitlits named Pine Plot.
She shares a home with her young mother
 among feathered friends that hover.
 Many trill and others drill
 with their tiny sharpened bills.
Star Sol-Fa beams upon the knots
 that shape the great trees at Pine Plot.
 It tunes the forest's floating music
 and the chirping of the crickets.
Boo yoo-hoos an all-pine horn
 that she's owned since she was born.
 Songbirds join in with the chorus
 of a choir of toady croakers.
Sounds float in the morning breezes,
even when the north wind freezes.
This freezes Pine Plot's nooks and crannies
and each Flitlit cold-boned granny. ...
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