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Muddle Maze and Air Stairs

Muddle Maze and Air Stars   Fussbut’s baffling Muddle Maze sits beneath pink, thinking haze.   It has a keeper, Hoody Wink. Fussbut’s Flitlits tend to think that he sneaks around and slinks as well as smirking, with a wink.   Hoody Wink has not been seen by the Royal king and queen, or by […]

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Shake-a-Leg Green

Shake-a-Leg Green   Flitlits float towards a green to share their sports. Young friends are keen to chalk out marks and stake out pegs at the Green named Shake-a-Leg.   Games include, ‘Break’, ‘Shake’ and ‘Fake’. They’re checked for cheating and mistakes.   Game ‘Break’ means having to stop still. It has a fixed and […]

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Share Square

Share Square   When bother is likely or comes about, some noisy Flitlits fuss and shout.   Others gather at Share Square with no time at all to spare.   Mayor Pomp will always hurry, while Kingy Bling feels in a flurry. …  

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The Fussbut Fling

  The Fussbut Fling is a composition designed to set the mood for the stories and to invite Flitlits Junior fans to sing, act and dance.   The characters invite you to join in. Please enjoy the experience and share videos of your interpretations, which will be warmly welcomed. The Fussbut Fling Ⓒ is the […]

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