Flitlits Junior/ Characters

The surreal Flitlis Junior characters flit about and float freely, depicting a sense of freedom and movement. This offers them a bird’s eye view of their home plots, co-characters and the landmarks depicted on the map.

These attributes complement the humour and flow of the language.

Interaction is key to the central core and ethos of the stories involving characters that children can identify with within their own lives.

The Flitlits Junior interact by telling jokes, squabbling, scheming and plotting, involving friendships and rivalries.

The central character, Jester Bit, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief brings about challenges and camaraderie that allow children to learn about compassion, empathy, teamwork and a sense of fair play.


Jester Bit / Prank Plot 


The main character / protagonist.

The name, Jester Bit, is immediately suggestive of the main character’s scamp-like persona and the intrinsic wordplay associated with the language.

Bit is analogous with the information technology credentials of his uncle, Doctor It, of Dot Plot.

Jester is a scamp with a heart, whose schemes and tricks lie at the heart of the stories.

Ensuing dilemmas and conflicts lead to unexpected resolutions that allow Jester to reflect along the way.

His camaraderie with the Flitlits Junior characters is evident throughout.

He competes with the doctor’s helper, DeBug Knitty-Nitty, for his uncle, Doctor It’s attention. This adds to the humour, especially through dialogue.

The think bank under Jester’s hat spots this and plots that, allowing brainwaves to take shape slowly.


Doctor It / Dot Plot


An eccentric scientist / inventor whose name is analogous with I.T. / Dot Plot / Hard Drive.

Here is Jester’s bumbling uncle, who spends time dreaming up mistakes and hatching absurd ‘Tips of the Day’ at Dot Plot’s Puzzling Pit.

Additionally, he carves shoes that fail to run off clues.

He relies on his pet bug, DeBug Knitty-Nitty, though not knowingly.

References to ‘TIp Top Tips’ and ‘Tips of the Day at the Pit’ demonstrate the playful voice and typical wordplay employed.

The pit is filled with books and shoes among the spills of special brews.

Odours fill the must air, joined by squeaks from swinging stairs.

Engineered oddities at the pit include winking things and a strange-ship tracker.


DeBug Knitty-Nitty / Dot Plot


Doctor It’s grumpy assistant, whose name is also analogous with I.T.

Takes charge at the pit in view of the doctor’s bumbling attributes.

Competes disparagingly with Jester for the doctor’s attention.

Puzzles buzz outside his inside and he drives his brain train to find clues to solve them.

Multi tasks mentally and by means of his multiple golden hands.

A fine code-cracker.

He knits (flit knits) and has a penchant for handbags (a bug with bags).

Grumpy, due to the sadness of being parted from his young sister, Jitter Bug


Posy Pomp / Grand Plot


Jester Bit’s antagonist.

Mayor/ head facilitator’s spoiled daughter.

An imperious lookout, Ziggy Zag, spends time in her all-eyes bag.

Is a dancer with a penchant for shoes, such as crowing shock-a-doodle shoes.

Posy’s heart is warm and true, as demonstrated by her care of the frogs at Fussbut’s Frog Bog.


Jake MacJake / Swank Plot


Vain, loveable and fashion-conscious.

Gentle and sensitive.

Allied to all things twofold, as demonstrated multifold in his speech, actions and choices.

His dogs are aptly named Ditto and Snap.

Has an affinity with the visiting dolphins at Water Lily Lake.


Cookie Bang-Boom / Bloom Plot


A tomboy, whose home is Lucky-Duck Farm.

Too busy to look smart and loves being mucky.

Loud and funny.

A friend in need to the Junior Flitlits. Has a mood hat for every occasion.

Sings spontaneously (badly, sadly and sadly, badly), loudly and out of tune.

Has an affinity with the otters of Plot-a-Lot Stream.


Ozzie Mo / Blot Plot


Spongy and osmotic, as his name suggests. Swells fantastically.

Belongs to the Soak Folk family and is sporty and a leader.

An inbuilt umbrella that swirls above his head acts as a spinning shower sheet.

Checks a Weather Feather regularly, along with the Soak Folk, to monitor the weather.

Captains the ‘Super Swells’ floating glowball team, weather permitting.

Ozzie is a distant cousin of the Soak Folk of the island U-Rain-On-Us, who are on a mission to find a drier home.

Soak Folk sailors sail the Seesaw Sea aboard the winged ship, Sonic. They fly through the No-Zone Space, being influenced especially by stars Sol-Fa and Shift.


Kingy Bling / Plum Plot


Resplendent and languid.

Star Aglow shines on him.

Absent-minded while wearing a crown that grants him powers to forget.

Husband to Queeny Squash.

Princess Peachy is the Royal couple’s screechy daughter.

This cultish figure satisfies a wide interest age.


Queeny Squash / Plum Plot

A cultish figure, along with her husband, Kingy Bling.

Her name is analogous with Plum Plot.

Bolts around disastrously in her gum-booted feet.

Has an affinity with trees. The arboretum at Potty Palace houses animated trees such as singing and giggling trees.

Practises musical scales whilst scaling up trees, or falling off them.


Otto Zoom / Pull Plot

A pliable, magnetic character.

Too competitive.

Captains the ‘Otto’s Lotto’ floating-glowball team.

The Flitlit characters are drawn to Otto’s base, Pull Plot. It stretches their imagination.


Madam Conk / Gale Vale


An intriguing herbalist with a Know-All Ball, a Shall-Tell Bell and a bob-about snout on a spring.

Fussbut’s nosy Nature Mother.

Owns a magical Wish Dish.


Scuba Salt / Hot Plot

A heroic seafarer.

Is hearing impaired.

In tune with the vibrations of Shock Rocks, the secrets of the Seesaw Sea and the workings of Snail Rail.


Boo Kazoo / Pine Plot


Plays an all-pine horn.

Employs ‘too-wit-too-coo’ speech to communicate with the birds.

Is sight impaired.

The Flitlits Junior picnic at Pine Plot’s ‘Cabbage-Curry, Beans and Jelly, Windy-Belly Woods.


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Plays an all-pine horn.

Employs ‘too-wit-too-coo’ speech to communicate with the birds.

Is sight impaired.

The Flitlits Junior picnic at Pine Plot’s ‘Cabbage-Curry, Beans and Jelly, Windy-Belly Woods.


Ⓒ Eiry Rees Thomas/All Rights Reserved


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