Jake MacJake

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Jake MacJake is fond of fashion.
 Dressing well is Jake's big passion.
 His best-loved words are 'pair' and 'double'.
 He's not too fond of the word 'trouble'.


He looks for clothes at shops and stalls.
 His stories hook up with them all.
 Jake MacJake has many capes
 and he feels safe among their drapes.


They wrap around him when he needs
 quiet times to think or read.
 He has a quiff, so stiff and neat,
 that takes two hours to complete.


His well-groomed dogs are Snap and Ditto.
 Neither yap, snap or bellow.
 He winds two clocks, tic-toc; tic-toc,
 and sets them both at two o'clock.
 The Mayor's Mansion clock keeps time
 but Jake's clocks never match its chimes.


Swank Plot, where he loves to roam,
 is Jake MacJake's neat, splendid home.
 He shares his home with his bright mother,
 Ditto, Snap and Jake, his father.


Posy Pomp, the mayor's daughter,
 often plays with Jake. They potter
 at the Mayor's Mansion and offer
 tips about high fashion ...


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