Story Starter/ Jester Bit

Jester Bit can not stop plotting.
 He looks for clues while he is thinking.
 He wears a pest vest and a hat.
 His scruffy boots look just like rats.
The think-tank sitting under Jester's hat
 wonders this and ponders that.
 When his brainwaves start to flow,
 he wonders where all lost things go.
The Fussbut scamp plays many tricks,
 mostly with his twiddle stick.
 When his tricks are out of order
 he spends time in a ponder corner.
Jester, like all Flitlits, floats.
 The Flitlits feel like drifting boats.
 As they float above the trees,
 they spot the plots of Seldom See.
Jester's home is on Prank Plot.
 His home enjoys a sunny spot.
 Prank Plot sits beneath Dot Plot
 that has no corners and should not.
Dot Plot has a Puzzling Pit
 that is the home of Doctor It.
 Doctor It is Jester's uncle.
 His face looks like a kind carbuncle.
Jester's father, Mista Bit,
 looks nothing like his brother, It.
 Mrs Bit is tall and spiny
 which is strange, since she's named Tiny.
Just as Jester's life began,
 he might have been a Master Plan.
 Waita Bit, his older brother,
 acts and dresses like an usher.
Lately, Jester trapped a one-off trick
 with his cunning twiddle stick.
 His think-tank fiddled with a plan,
 though it really was a scam.
While wearing curious foxy socks,
 he checked an empty money box.
 The trickster longed for runny honey,
 days ahead of pocket money.
His working brother, Waita Bit,
wouldn't help him with a chit.
He floated to the Puzzling Pit
  to see his uncle, Doctor It. ...
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