Story Starter/ Kingy Bling

When the snow lets go for a year or so,
Fussbut winds decide to blow.
The bulging streams flows to the sea.
It's always so at Seldom See.
          Kingy Bling, at Potty Palace,              
searched for Royal parrot, Horace.
"I'm perched right here," squawked parrot Horace,
who wore a ring of ninety carats.
The ring shone brightly, but the king       
has much brighter, magic rings.
Some rings, and gems that carry Royal powers,
are locked at Potty Palace Towers.
The powers flow from Star Aglow.
They battle through the winds and snow.
The powers, locked in such dark towers,
light Kingy's bling like glistening flowers.
Beaming blooms are often found
nestling near shady ground.
A gem with powers marked 'forget'
settled on a coronet.
When Kingy wears the coronet, 
he has great powers to forget.
This suits the king. He is quite snoozy
and fond of all things smooth and easy.
He has a wife named Queeny Squash,
whose best-loved words are 'gosh' and 'tosh'.
She thunders around Potty Palace
like a rather clumsy menace.
Princess Peachy, just a toddler,
is their screechy Royal daughter.
Kingy gathers many secrets
that he shares with parrot Horace.
The butt-in parrot can't help squawking
while the palace staff are talking.
He leaks each secret without care.
The Royal secrets are all shared.
Once, Kingy had a special secret
tucked inside a hidden pocket. ...
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