Story Starter/ Madam Conk


Beyond the distant Seesaw Sea, 
time was new at Seldom See. 
A girl at Seldom See's Gale Vale 
gathered leaves from hills and dale.
Her friends were creatures, plants and trees.
She chatted with great big-mouth bees.
Four stars that always lit the trees
were Sol-Fa, Shift, Aglow and Glee.


At the land that time forgot,
 the Flitlits laid the ground in plots.
 They named it Fussbut - a strange name,
 but fuss and learn it just the same.


The young girl grew up like no other
 as Fussbut's curious Nature Mother.
 Her coarse clothes that were nicely clean
 draped over skin tinged mossy green.


A wondrous acorn fills the space
 between her bosom and her face.
 Madam Conk, her Flitlit name,
 suits the wise and knowing dame.


Her true name stays among her tales
 that all lie hidden at Gale Vale.
 One tale is surely strange to tell
 but share it once and treat it well.


Wile growing up, she made up brews.
 that healed so many cuts and wounds.
 In Gale Vale's soil, she planted seeds.
 She learned to float and swam with ease.


The girl was happy but wanted more,
 like two-legged friends. She had many with four.
 One day, while floating with a bee,
 she found a wish dish on a tree.


A big-mouth bee told her to go
 as she drifted to the floor.
 "Don't fuss!" said the girl. "I'll take good care.
 Finding such a dish is rare."
 A wish dish scroll rolled out close by.
 The young girl caught it before it blew high.


The scroll read...
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