Introducing Muddle Maze and Air Stairs

Fussbut's baffling Muddle Maze
 sits beneath pink, thinking haze.


It has a keeper, Hoody Wink.
 Fussbut's Flitlits tend to think
 that he sneaks around and slinks
 as well as smirking, with a wink.


Hoody Wink has not been seen
 by the Royal king and queen,
 or by anyone at all.
 But they hear his wails and squalls.


Hoody will lay out a carpet
 shaded red, and a fine banquet
 to receive a Royal party
 when they need food and feel quite thirsty.


One Royal mission was so clever.
 A party set out, all together.
 They planned to find a maze's exit
 with no guide or special permit.


Queeny Squash felt lost and grazed
 at the fiddle-diddle maze.
 A high shrub stopped her in her tracks,
 with no means of turning back. ...
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