Story Starter/ Otto Zoom


Otto Zoom prepared to enter
Fussbut's Pull-In Dental Centre.
A pull-in place of any sort
agrees with Otto. His home port
is Fussbut, Seldom See's Pull Plot.
it is a long, magnetic spot.
Otto's relatives are supple.
They stretch and pull in without trouble.
All their clothes are made to order.
They stretch from short to long, or longer,
and then pull in from long to shorter.
They also spread to wide or wider.
They would otherwise face trouble
 as their clothing tried to struggle,
 while they juggled and felt muddled.
 The Zooms avoid all belts and buckles.
"Open wide!" said dentist Glisten.
 Otto settled down to listen.
 In fact, he listened far too keenly
 and drew his mouth out so, so widely.
The dentist told him, with a grin,
 "If you please, drop down your chin.
 I'll check each tooth but must begin
 outside your mouth, not deep within."
Later, as he beamed his gleaming teeth,
 Otto slid down underneath
 an archway leading from Share Square
 before floating in light air.
He drifted down towards a green
 to play with friends. He was so keen
 to chalk out marks and stake out pegs
 at the green named Shake-a-Leg.
He greeted good friends, Jake MacJake
 and Posy Pomp, with her smug snake.
 The snaky look-out, Ziggy Zag,
 declared from Posy's all-eyes bag,
 "Posy Pomp must choose today
 all the games that we should play. ...
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