Story Starter/ Ozzie Mo

An island named U-Rain-On-Us
 is very far from glamorous.
 It is a place that's so, so rainy
 that its dwellers shelter, mainly.


Soak Folk dwell upon the island
 without sunny high or low land.
 The dwellers built a ship named Sonic
 and its speed is supersonic.


They hope, one day, to find a land
 with warm and sunny beams on hand.
 Star Sol-Fa flickers on the folk
 through great misty clouds that soak
 and are always choked with rain.
 Rain is always wet. That's plain.


The spongy Soak Folk chant a tune
 as star Sol-Fa ding-dongs at noon.
 They twist and turn built-in umbrellas.
 These whirl around like wind propellers.


When Soak Folk sail through Gloom Lagoon,
 they pass star Sol-Fa's swinging moon.
 The moon lights up a glowing key
 that guides them through the Seesaw Sea.


One day, a family went off course
 as a gale blew at full force.
 The group were rescued by Star Shift
 as their sailboat went adrift.


They reached the land of Seldom See
 and moored at Fussbut's Hot Plot Quay.
 They set up home on dry Blot Plot
 that soaks up moisture, more than not.


The Soak Folk swell up very quickly
 unless they shelter very swiftly.
 A weather feather on display
 flutters, flows, rotates and sways. ...
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