Story 1: Doctor It / Story 2: DeBug Knitty-Nitty



                                                                                       Doctor It


                                         The Flitlits praise their Doctor It.
                                           That's short for Doctor Itsy Bit.
                                            His name seems very odd indeed,
                                             for the Flitits all agree
                                           that he is a rounded fellow.
                                       He's soft and wobbly, like marshmallow.
                                              He is a Dot Plot scientist.
                                         His deep home is The Puzzling Pit.
                                           Once, he lived life overground
                                       at Fussbut's Hard Drive. This surrounds
                                           the roundest plot at Seldom See
                                            that takes care of things I.T.
                                             Doctor may have had a wife
                                            way back in his curious life.
                                           His brother, Mista, and his wife
                                            often have to deal with strife.
                                          The strife is caused by Jester Bit,
                                         their younger son, who has great wit.
                                           They also have a son named Waita,
                                            who is Jester's serious brother.
                                                Mista is an engineer,
                                       whose home is on Prank Plot. That's near
                                           Fussbut, Seldom See's Bloom Plot,
                                            the Bang-Boom family's home cot.
                                            Bloom Plot has so many flowers,
                                          home grown produce, eggs and flour.
                                             One special day, with no regret,
                                             the doctor shook a tangled net.
                                             A rescued bug became his helper 
                                         and their lives changed for the better.                                                         
                                              Bug DeBug should be polite
                                           for being rescued from his plight.
                                            But Bug DeBug is far too grumpy
                                                and is also oh so jumpy...

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                                                                                     DeBug Knitty-Nitty


                                                Fussbut's school bell chimed a chime.
                                                   It was 'Teach the Teacher' time.
                                             The Fussbut Children's School Committee
                                                 had called in DeBug Knitty-Nitty.

                                                        DeBug is a clever fellow
                                                  with four hands of golden yellow.
                                                     He is known for being grumpy
                                                    and for looking rather stumpy.

                                                 He lives and works with Doctor It
                                                      at a deep-down Puzzling Pit.
                                               His brain train works out many puzzles
                                                  while the doctor eats and guzzles.
                                                   The puzzles buzz on his outside
                                                   once they leave his inside side.
                                                    Doctor tries to work out fixes
                                                      for the puzzles as he mixes
                                                hints in test tubes and carves shoes.
                                                The shoes are meant to run off clues.
                                                     But DeBug is a fine code-cracker
                                                who mostly comes up with the answers.
                                                  He taps on hot keys and then flits
                                                 to fetch his treasured knitting kit.
                                                   When Doctor freed him from a net,
                                                      bug DeBug had been upset.
                                                      He had given one last hug
                                                      to his sister, Jitter Bug.
                                                      He thinks of Jitter every day
                                                    and wonders if she's far away.
                                                Perhaps, one day, they'll meet again
                                                  at Puzzling Pit, the Dot Plot den.
                                                   Until then, he'll tap and knit
                                                  and hatch new puzzles at the pit.
                                                  Knit one, purl one, knit and then
                                                     think of Jitter once again...


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