Story Starter/ Doctor It

 The Flitlits praise their Doctor It.
 That's short for Doctor Itsy Bit.
 His name seems very odd indeed,
 for the Flitits all agree
 that he is a rounded fellow.
 He's soft and wobbly, like marshmallow.
 He is a Dot Plot scientist.
 His deep home is The Puzzling Pit.
 Once, he lived life overground
 at Fussbut's Hard Drive. This surrounds
 the roundest plot at Seldom See
 that takes care of things I.T.
 Doctor may have had a wife
 way back in his curious life.
 His brother, Mista, and his wife
 often have to deal with strife.
 The strife is caused by Jester Bit,
 their younger son, who has great wit.
 They also have a son named Waita,
 who is Jester's serious brother.
 Mista is an engineer,
 whose home is on Prank Plot. That's near
 Fussbut, Seldom See's Bloom Plot,
 the Bang-Boom family's home cot.
 Bloom Plot has so many flowers,
 home grown produce, eggs and flour.
 One special day, with no regret,
 the doctor shook a tangled net.
 A rescued bug became his helper
 and their lives changed for the better.   
 Bug DeBug should be polite
 for being rescued from his plight.
 But Bug DeBug is far too grumpy
  and is also oh so jumpy. ...
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