Story Starter/ Queeny Squash


Fussbut has a queen and king:
Queeny Squash and Kingy Bling.
They have a toddler, Princess Peachy,
who bangs on drums and is so screechy.
Potty Palace is their home.
It sits inside the Royal zone.
The Royal zone, based at Plum Plot,
houses such a topsy-turvy lot.
Queeny Squash wears clumpy boots
while she bolts and others scoot.
For a queen, she's far too clumsy
while at a halt or climbing plum trees.
The Royal gardener cares for trees,
plants, wild flowers, hives and bees.
Queeny wails shrill scales while scaling
up and down the trees, or falling.
Awkward Queeny jolts and reels
from purple hair to wobbly heels.
She pounds the ground without a break
until the palace rocks and shakes.
A gem that fits a coronet
grants Kingy powers to forget.
Cozy-dozy Kingy Bling
has a thousand thousand rings.
On a trip to Muddle Maze,
Kingy Bling seemed quite amazed
when Queeny banned his coronet.
He had asked her, "Have we met?"
Fussbut's baffling Muddle Maze
sits beneath pink, thinking haze.
It has a keeper, Hoody Wink.
Fussbut's Flitlits tend to think
that he sneaks around and slinks
as well as smirking, with a wink.
Hoody Wink has not been seen
by the Royal king and queen,
or by anyone at all.
But they hear his wails and squalls. ...
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