The Plots of Fussbut, Seldom See and Curricula


Stars Sol-Fa, Shift, Aglow and Glee/ The Shadows of Pitch

Influences and Effects / Astronomy / Atmospheric Science

Prank Plot and Jester’s Fun House

Interaction / Fun / Play

Wonder Plot, Snail Tail and Pretty-Bent Tent

Wonderment / Geography / Leisure and Recreation / Transport


Dot Plot and The Puzzling Pit

Information Technology / Science / Inventions / Librarianship / Woodwork

Grand Plot, The Mayor’s Mansion and Fussbut Ditch

Citizenship / Administration / Amphibian Science


Swank Plot and Jake’s Clocks

Duality and History, as represented by the clocks and time on the map /Fashion / Dressing up


Bloom Plot, Lucky-Duck Farm and Plot-a-Lot Stream

Horticulture / Husbandry / Animal Welfare


Blot Plot and the Weather Feather

Biology / Climatology

Plum Plot and Potty Palace

Constitutional Issues / Arboretum Studies

Pull Plot and its Magnets

Physics / Magnetism

Gale Vale and The Wish Dish

Mystery / Nature / Herbalism


Hot Plot, The Seesaw Sea and Shock Rocks

Nautical Science / Marine Biology / PSHE Education 

Pine Plot and the All-Pine Horn

Forestry / Ornithology / Music


Ponder Plot, Mistake Break and Water Lily Lake – with visiting dolphins

PSHE Education / Aquatics


Shake-a-Leg Green / Floating-Glowball Nets

Play/ Out-door activities / Games – including Floating-Glowball and Games ‘Shake’, ‘Break’ and ‘Fake’/ Moving goalposts 

Muddle Maze and Air Stairs

Geometric and Architectural Studies / Puzzlement


Share Square

Geometric Studies / Architecture/ Puzzlement


The Winged Ship, Sonic

Navigation / Musicality

Topographic features on the map such as:

  • Shock Rocks
  • Surprise Rise
  • Muddle Maze
  • Mistake Break
  • Share Square
  • Puzzling Pit
  • Ponder Plot
  • Bored Ford
  • Wonder Plot
  • Wonder Border

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